Bridge City Animal Hospital

We welcome you and your pets to the Bridge City Animal Hospital. We want to take the time to say thank you for utilizing our services and understand that you have a choice in your animal care provider. We strive to provide the best veterinary care for your pet with the latest cutting-edge technology and fully-trained staff.  Dr. Pugh has been servicing pets in Bridge City and the surrounding area for over 37 years, come and see why so many people trust him with their loved ones.

Our September Pet of the Month – Zoey Joyner.

Zoey is a 9½ year old boxer that has been a patient for several years. Zoey came in to the clinic in July because her owner, Cheryl Joyner, was worried that Zoey had a stroke. Dr. Skinner assessed Zoey and after running some lab work, she discovered out Zoey did have a stroke. Dr. Skinner and our Vet Techs placed Zoey on an IV for the day and she was able to return home that afternoon. Zoey came in for her recheck appointment and was doing amazing like she never had anything wrong with her. Thanks to her owner for getting her to the clinic that morning. This could have been fatal.