Bridge City Animal Hospital

We welcome you and your pets to the Bridge City Animal Hospital. We want to take the time to say thank you for utilizing our services and understand that you have a choice in your animal care provider. We strive to provide the best veterinary care for your pet with the latest cutting-edge technology and fully-trained staff.  Dr. Pugh has been servicing pets in Bridge City and the surrounding area for over 37 years, come and see why so many people trust him with their loved ones.

October Pet of the Month – Maci Wallace!
Maci is a 12.5 years old Border Collie mix and is our pet of the month for overcoming not only Chemotherapy, but surgery as well. Maci’s caring owner, Kay Wallace, became concerned when she noticed her breathing had become heavy and her appetite was not what it normally was so she brought her to our clinic. Upon examination, Dr. Pugh found a hard mass on her neck and ran test diagnosing her with a thyroid tumor which would need further treatment. Dr. Pugh started Maci on oral chemotherapy and was closely monitored over the next few months as it began to shrink. Without the chemo, the tumor would have been too large to remove completely. Once the tumor was small enough, Dr. Pugh was able to surgically remove it entirely. Maci did wonderful through surgery and the removal was a success and now doing great.